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Eve of the Dead
A night to give and to receive
Tonight you see is all hallows eve
And in this precious interlude
I see DA getting in the mood
To frighten and fear those hated or dear
With such unparalleled magnitude
And as I remember what I saw
I wish, oh wish that I could draw
I might jot down a few words here
Or write a tune to please the ear
But when I try to please the eye
It simply wont appear
But enough with my tale woe and dread
Enjoy the eve now that all is said
And as you rest now in your bed
I'll welcome in the day of the dead
:iconhishou:hishou 0 1
Eye of Truth
        Looking back on our childhoods, many of us will remember some of the stories we were told before bed. Stories of far off lands in times almost forgotten. Stories of demons who pray upon the weak and the innocent, and stories of the brave men who fought against them. Stories like these are often called fairy tales. They usually have a happy ending and occasionally include a lesson to be learned. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Ah yes, fairy tales are also works of fiction. As we grow up, we eventually figure out that all of these stories are completely made up and simply untrue . . . but what if they weren't? Let's entertain for a moment: What if the world were really full of demons and the people who fought them?
Shin Kama is a young boy who happens to live in just such a world. Shin used to think that he was living in a simple world, but he's beginning to learn that the devil's in the details.
* * *
Shin never considered himself &
:iconhishou:hishou 1 0
Chapter 2: The Morning After
As he awoke, the young boy enjoyed that moment or two it always takes to remember the world he lives in.
. . . I'll give it a minute. The boy thought as he took in his surroundings. One of the first things he noticed was that he was lying on the ground. This seemed odd, although for some reason the boy couldn't recall what would have been normal.
Perhaps I was getting there and woke up early. With this thought in mind the boy contemplated whether or not he should go back to sleep when he noticed a girl sitting a few feet infront of him. The girl sat there with a look on her face that the boy thought probably meant that she was surprised at something.
Maybe she just woke up and is thinking the same thing.
As he stood up, the girl scrambled to her feet as though determined to not be sitting whist he was doing otherwise. He wanted to talk to the girl, but he wasn't sure what to say. A handshake would probably be a good start. He noticed that the new look on the girls face looked confused,
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Chapter 1: Nothing Much
Amy. The name sounded strange and alien; almost as if it wasn't hers. The reason for this was that it wasn't. Amy had a strange and complicated story to tell, not that she ever told it. In fact, she made a point of hardly ever thinking about it, which made it all the more strange that she was. She'd never had so much trouble getting used to her name, as a matter of fact, she'd never had any trouble getting used to her name. What made this one so difficult to get into her head, or for that matter, what made it so difficult to get out of her head. There was only one thing for it. She would have to decide who she'd be next. Amy loved imagining different personas for herself, not making others think they were the truth so much as seeing if she could make one believable enough to last a while. What should her age be? Let's go with 19. If she were a boy, she could get away with lying grotesquely about her age, but it never seemed to work out for women. What about a new name? . . . Back to
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DrJoshfox Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
happy birthday
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Hey oliver :)
It's Sio,
The animation is fully compiled with music and all that sparkly pretty stuff that makes it look good.
I'm just going to need your last name for the credits. So I'll get it tommorow if I can find you or on thursday if you still want to chill in the music room.
AmmiNyan Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
:iconravesplz: Hey :meow:
tis me!... heh, i c u kno Eva? XD
i'm friends with both her lil bro, Mario (his b-day's onthe exact same day and year as me:O), and her lil sis, Amelia XD. and that is how i know Eva... but she doesn't know me :D
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btw dont forget to watch me too xD
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hishou Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009
woah i thought that you had to pick/make your own
Snappedragon Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
LOL no way tell me what you want in it and your email and ill do it right now :P I made mine too hehe its pretty sick XD
hishou Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009
hmm... i think id like something from code geass. other than that i (mostly) trust you
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Gilphon Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009   Photographer
Hi, it's me. I added the introduction to the story. As you can probably see, I've changed it somewhat, mostly editing out your characters for now, also some names have changed and later there will probably be a lot more changes the plot, for example, I'm going to have to changes things a lot as soon as the saviors would have shown up
hishou Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
Wow. If anything, it gained awsomness since I heard it.
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